BaseLinker integrations with ERP programs are provided by external companies. BaseLinker does not create its own integrators of this type. Below you can find external integrators available for purchase from Money S5. The integrator connects with the BaseLinker API and ERP database to exchange information. The integrator cost and the billing method depends on the software provider.

If you are a developer and have prepared your own integrator with any ERP program, please contact us.

Suppliers of BaseLinker integrators with Money S5




WAREHOUSE (import)

We offer a fully automatic connection between BaseLinker and Money S5, with advanced features and possible customizations tailored to your company's processes. Whether you simply want to manage storages and accounting in Money, or manage all of BaseLinker's content and handle orders and shipping, our connection can adapt.

Transferability is available:

  • orders or invoices for Money S5
  • .
  • order status changes back to BaseLinker
  • .
  • send shipments back to BaseLinker according to Money S5 and transfer tracking numbers
  • .
  • option to transfer PDF invoice from Money S5 to BaseLinker
  • .
  • updating inventory, including support for multiple storages
  • .
  • Price transfer, including support for multiple price lists and price promotions
  • .
  • Transfer of product catalog, including images, descriptions and parameter pairing from Money S5 to BaseLinker
  • .
  • transferring the product category tree to BaseLinker
  • .
  • transferring products back from BaseLinker to Money S5, including images and categories
  • .

We can modify the connection to work with other Money extensions, such as shipment export systems. It goes without saying that different tax systems are supported.

From 10,000 czk/installation + 1,000 czk/month or from 25,000 czk at a time

SyncAgent s.r.o.



WAREHOUSE (import)

Integration with the Money S5 ERP system is done through the ERP integration platform syncAgent.
Supported agendas as standard:

. 1. received orders - Synchronization of received orders from BaseLinker to Money S5 ERP
. 2. Issued invoices - Synchronization of issued invoices from ERP Money S5 to BaseLinker
. 3. stock availability - Synchronize product inventory from ERP Money S5 to BaseLinker via EAN, SKU or other identifier
. 4. product cards - Synchronization of product cards (product name, descriptions, parameters, prices, images, ...) from Money S5 ERP system to BaseLinker

If you want to integrate other programs, we can extend the integration with other options.
syncAgent works in the cloud. The integration is then monitored. Data synchronization can be done in daily, hourly, minute intervals.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Implementation from 9,000 CZK excluding VAT, Monthly from 600 CZK excluding VAT




WAREHOUSE (import)

Stock levels

Integration of ERP system Money S5 on BaseLinker.

Integration takes place via CSW Automatic (SQL, XML) or REST API.

Transfer of supported agenda:

  • Orders received, including OSS (in the direction of Money S5 => BaseLinker)
  • Update of selected order statuses (in the direction of Money S5 => BaseLinker)
  • Stock availability, support multiple warehouses (in the direction of Money S5 => BaseLinker)
  • Issued invoices (in the direction of Money S5 => BaseLinker)
  • Product cards (in the direction of Money S5 => BaseLinker)
  • Tracking numbers (in the direction of Money S5 => BaseLinker)
  • Price lists (in the direction of Money S5 => BaseLinker)

We allow to integrate and other agendas and atypical demands for peace.

Installation from 28,000 CZK without VAT
Operation and management from 850 CZK without VAT
2 free consultation hours

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