Users have two options to get a discount.

50% discount on the first invoice

Activate your account before the expiration of the 14-day trial period and get a 50% discount on the first invoice. The discount will be automatically charged to the first invoice.

Recommend and win

Recommend the BaseLinker system to a friend and get his first payment.

  1. Suggest your friend to test BaseLinker.
  2. Ask them to enter your nickname in the ‘Referrer’ field in the registration form.
  3. After registration, you will see your friend’s nickname in your table in the Account/others section → Recommend and get.
  4. When the user pays the first invoice, we will grant you a discount.

The first payment of the new user will be deducted from your next invoice. If its invoice is higher than your subscription, the discount will also be used in the following months.

If your monthly subscription is for example 9 EUR, and the seller who registered with your nickname pays the first invoice of 25 EUR, the discount will provide you with the Baselinker system for free for a few months!

The discount is deducted from your future invoices, you can not exchange it for cash. You can recommend the system to multiple sellers and get a discount for each of them.

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