This article describes the features of the new inventory module.

Attention – the ‘Inventory control’ section is still in the testing stage (beta).


BaseLinker allows for comprehensive sales and warehouse support. Most often, additional warehouse software will no longer be necessary.


However, if you need advanced ERP software features, or want to stay with your current warehouse management solution, BaseLinker can be integrated with the ERP software of your choice. Available integrations are described in the ERP Integrations article.


The integration scheme

ERP  + BaseLinker

One BaseLinker Inventory can be connected to one ERP. Then BaseLinker Inventory acts as a bridge between ERP system and marketplace platforms.



The ERP system can synchronize with BaseLinker’s inventory by pushing and pulling data.


If the main product inventory is stored in the ERP, the integrator should set stock and prices in BaseLinker to match those in the ERP. BaseLinker can then push this information further to the various sales channels.


For keeping the stock you can create a special warehouse in section Products → Settings → Warehouses, editable only via API. This means that the stock will be edited only by the ERP integrator, without the possibility of manual editing.



ERP +  store + BaseLinker

No need for two integrators – one to connect your ERP to your store and another to connect your ERP to BaseLinker. Just integrate your ERP with BaseLinker’s inventory, and the system will push product, stock, and price data to your online store.



The connection between the ERP system and the store using BaseLinker goes in the following way:


  • ERP system can send stock and prices to the Inventory (mechanism on the side of the ERP integrator – support and maintenance is provided by an external company)
  • The BaseLinker Inventory can further push stock and prices to the store.

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