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Types of integration with marketplace platforms

In Integrations → Add integration → Marketplace section you will find all available integrations with third-party sales services.



These integrations enable to import orders to the BaseLinker system and then to process them (create labels, generate invoices, send messages to customers, etc.).


Two-way integrations

Two-way integrations with marketplace platforms allow not only importing orders but also:


  • listing offers,
  • stocks and prices synchronization
  • forwarding orders to the store,
  • using the Packaging Assistant.

In the case of two-way integration, after connecting an account, the corresponding module will appear in the lower left-hand corner.




The method of integration

Depending on the service, plug-ins vary in the way orders are downloaded – this can be done automatically (via API) or by loading previously exported orders from a file.


Integrations via API

BaseLinker connects via API to the following Marketplace platforms:

  • Allegro, eBay, Amazon, Arena, Buy on Ceneo, eMag, Bonanza, Cdiscount, Empik, ePrice,  Etsy, G2A, Miinto, Morele, Reverb,, NewEgg (two-way integration)
  • Carrefour,, (only downloading orders)
  • OLX, OtoMoto, Google Shopping (only listing)

Integration via API allows downloading orders automatically to the system.


To enable the plug-in, you need special API keys (instructions on how to get them can be found in the settings of the selected plug-in).


Import of order file

No login or data is required to integrate with MyDeal, Groupon or Gruper.


Import is done manually, with a file, exported from a selected service.


To import orders, simply download the file from the service of your choice and then select it in the form available in the plugin settings. Orders will be downloaded to BaseLinker to the status specified in the settings. Each order will be marked with a special icon indicating the service it came from.


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