The subscription fee for using the system takes the form of a monthly subscription. Pricing of the subscription depends on the number of orders received number of active auctions and the number of products in a given month. The subscription is always chosen automatically based on the previous billing period.


You can find the current price list on our website.


For example, the user received 700 orders and had 50 auctions during the billing period. He achieved the level of the BL BIG subscription.


How are orders counted?

In case of orders from the store, orders from marketplaces such as Etsy, etc. and orders added to the system – one order will be counted as 1, regardless of the number of products purchased.


In the case of orders from Allegro and eBay, it depends on how many offers constitute the purchase. I.e. if the customer bought 10 products on 3 offers, such an order would be counted as 3, because each purchase in a single auction constitutes a separate order.


The first VAT invoice

The first invoice will be issued one month after the activation of the account. For example, if you have activated your account, for instance on May 5, you will automatically receive the first invoice on June 5.


You will receive the information about the issued invoice to the e-mail address provided in the Account / other → My Account → Invoice details section. The invoice will also be visible in the Seller’s Panel.


Payment methods

Available payment methods are online payment (dotpay) and credit card. Provide a pro forma invoice number in the payment title so that the amount could be noted automatically.


To automatically pay for a subscription, you can also use the “Account / other → Subscription and payment” tab to add your credit card details. It is a convenient and quick solution since you won’t have to remember about payment and you’ll never miss the payment deadline. You can delete the card details and hold payments at any time.



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