Allegro new offer descriptions

Allegro strives to increase transparency and unify all published offers. Therefore, since February 2018, a new standard of offer descriptions that allows only selected HTML tags is required.


In BaseLinker, you can create a section-based Allegro template, tailored to Allegro requirements 🙂


Why should you configure your own offer templates? Among other things, you will be able to:


  • list offers quickly,
  • automatically complete the listing form based on information from the warehouse,
  • easily update information displayed in offers – in case the product data in the warehouse changes (e.g. change of description or photos),
  • easy editing and changing the offer template in the future.


Adding offer template

You can find all templates in Allegro → Offer templates.


You can use one of the ready to use templates, copy and edit an existing one or create your own by selecting the ‘+New template’ button.


In a template editor you will find the following items:



If you have imported Allegro offers with option to create products in BaseLinker Warehouse, and in the Filtering offer descriptions (cutting out the description from the template) field you have selected download full offer description, then such products should be listed with New descriptions – only the description template.


In such case, you will retain the original look of the offer based on which the product was created.



Allegro offer description consists of separate sections, which may contain images and text.


The template editor in Allegro → Offer templates works similarly to the description editor on the website.




You can insert in each section:

  • only description,
  • only picture,
  • description and photo,
  • photo and description,
  • two pictures.


Any number of sections (rows) can be added to the new template.


Additional images

You can upload up to 10 additional photos that will be associated with this template. It can be e.g. company logo or other fixed elements of the template. The photos of the template will be fixed to the end of the offer gallery.


When creating a section, you can choose whether you want to insert a warehouse image or a template image at a specific location.






Please note that on one Allegro offer you can put up to 16 photos (and if you don’t have a company account, only regular one – up to 10 photos).


Terms of complaint, Warranty Information and Terms of return 

You can assign Terms of complaint, Warranty Information and Terms of return for a given Allegro offer template.


If you left these fields empty in the template,  BaseLinker will use the settings from Integrations → Allegro account→ Settings → Offer settings when listing offers.


You should create Terms of complaint, Warranty Information and Terms of return directly on the website



Please note that if this information is assigned to a specific template, such a template can only be used on the Allegro account to which these conditions apply.


If you want to use a given template for offers on different Allegro accounts, then assign Terms of complaint, Warranty Information and Terms of return directly to the whole account 🙂


BaseLinker tags

Use the special BaseLinker tags to create your universal templates.


Such tags are automatically converted into relevant product information on listing form (e.g. a product description from the warehouse is inserted instead of the [description] tag).






You can use the following tags in BaseLinker:

[name] – full product name in stock
[auction_name] – title of issued auction
[description]product description downloaded from shop or magazine database


The product description downloaded from the warehouse will be automatically cleared of all unauthorized HTML tags and placed in the template under the [description] tag.

[additional_desc1]additional description
[params_list] – This is a complete, bullet list with all product features. E.g. :

  • Length: 1m
  • Colour: blue
  • Size: XL

You can exclude selected features from the list by listing them after the “-” sign. For example, the tag [attributes_list-colour-size] will list the attributes without colour and size.


[param|X] – specific product attribute. For example [attribute|length], [attribute|colour], [attribute|size]. Characteristics must be defined in stock. These features must be supported by the store platform if offers are listed from the storeroom.
[param_and_name|X] – This is a specific product attribute with the name of the parameter. E.g. [attribute_and_name|length], [attribute_and_name|color], [attribute_and_name|size]. The attributes must be defined in the warehouse. These features must be supported by the store platform if offers are listed from the storeroom.
[price] – product price
[manufacturer] – name of the manufacturer of the product displayed
[category] – name of the category from the warehouse where the product is located
[weight] – weight of the product
[product_id] – product ID number
[ean] – product EAN
[sku] – product SKU number


HTML tags

Allegro allows the following HTML tags:

  • h1 – title
  • h2 – subtitle
  • p – paragraph
  • ul – bulletin
  • ol – listing
  • li – list item
  • b – bold

More information is available at Allegro.


Offer preview

When creating a template you can use the preview available at the bottom of the pages 🙂




Default template

The default template can be set in three places:


  1. for specific products – in Allegro → Links/mappings → Assign to products.
  2. for selected categories in the magazine – in the Allegro →Links/mappings → Assign categories.
  3. for the whole marketplace account – in section Integrations → Allegro account→ Settings → Offer settings.


On the listing form system will choose the default template set for the entire account only if an item or its category has no offer template assigned (section Allegro/other marketplace → Links/Mappings).


You can find more information about this in the Linking categories and products.


Template update

You can change the Allegro template assigned to the offer in Allegro → Offer management.

You can find more information about this in the Editing an Allegro offer 



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