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Connecting Amazon accounts

Access data

BaseLinker connects to the Amazon platform via API. The following access data is required for this purpose:

  • account identifier (Seller ID)
  • access key (MWS Authorization Token)

To connect an Amazon account, you must use Amazon Seller Professional subscription.


A new Amazon account can be connected to BaseLinker after 2 days from creation date.


Follow these steps to find the access data required to connect your Amazon account to BaseLinker:


1. Go to the Amazon website appropriate to your store location and select the “Sign in” button.


Region Country The Amazon platform website
Europe United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands 
America USA, Canada, Mexico 



2. Enter your Amazon account login details (e-mail address or phone number and password) and select “Sign in”.



3. Go to the “Apps & Services” tab and select “Manage Your Apps” from the list.



4. Select the “Authorise new developer” button.




5. Fill in the form on the next page with the following details:


Field Value
Developer Name


Developer Account Number


EU: 241719526512USA: 823432502771


6. Accept the terms and conditions and select the “Next” button



7. The next page will show:

  • Your account identifier (Seller ID) 
  • access key (MWS Authorization Token)



Connecting an Amazon account

Once you have gained your access data, you can proceed to connect your Amazon account in BaseLinker. To do so:

  1. Go to Integrations section.
  2. Click the green button „+Add integration”, and then in the “Marketplace” section select“Amazon”.
  3. Enter the correct access data.

4. Select the blue “Save” button.


You can connect as many Amazon accounts as you wish to BaseLinker. Once you have added a new account, go to its settings to complete the configuration.

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