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Uploading invoices to Amazon

BaseLinker offers automatic invoice forwarding to Amazon.


This option can be enabled in Integrations → Amazon account → Orders → Invoice – forwarding.




Depending on the settings, this may be an invoice:

  1. generated in BaseLinker,
  2. generated in an external online accounting system,
  3. generated in the ERP system and added to the BaseLinker system via API. Note – this option is available only for selected ERP integrations. To upload invoices via API use the method


If your order includes a BaseLinker invoice and an invoice from an external accounting system, you can select (Integration → Accounting software → Settings (field “Display the (…) invoice to customer instead of BaseLinker invoice), which one is to be used by default – uploaded to the marketplace account, to the customer, etc.


If, on the other hand, an order contains an invoice added via API, the invoice generated in BaseLinker will be ignored.


In Integrations → Marketplace account → Orders → Invoice – forwarding section, following options are available:

  • ‘Yes, automatically forward invoices immediately after creation’ (this option should not be selected for invoices added by API),
  • ‘Forward after transfer to selected status’

If you create invoices in the ERP system, it is necessary to select the option ‘Forward after transfer to status’ (to make sure that at the time of transfer an invoice is already added by API in the system).


Remember to configure BaseLinker properly, so that:

  1. First an ERP invoice is added to BaseLinker
  2. Then order is transferred to the appropriate status.

If no ERP invoice is saved in the order while transferring to the selected status, the system will send a BaseLinker invoice.

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