Integrating store with API

In case of API connections, it may be necessary to create an account with access to WebAPI in the store. It is most convenient to give all permissions (including ‘Read and write’) to such an account.


Detailed instructions are available in the Sales Panel in Integrations → Add new integration → Shops section after selecting your shop platform.


Connecting a shop in another language with API

To connect another language version of your shop via API, please contact us (section Help and contact in the Sales Panel).


Multistore connection with API

In order to connect another version (another warehouse) of a multistore shop, you must connect the store again by entering the domain and store ID (for example, in the ‘Store address’ field.


API connection update

When making changes in the store, do not create a new connection, but only update the integration settings previously in use. All connections are based only on the store ID and this will not change in BaseLinker.


If the domain name changes, just enter the new name in the connection settings. If necessary, the token should also be changed. If the administrator login and password have been changed – just enter the new information in the integration settings.

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