Receipts – fiscal printer

The system supports all printers from Posnet manufacturer as well as other manufacturers compatible with the Thermal protocol.


The plugin requires a printer integration program to function properly. In this regard, you can utilize our internal and free BaseLinker Printer plugin.


Alternatively, currently there are two providers offering such a program:


You can either carry out the installation yourself, following the instructions or have it installed by the provider of each integration.


If you would like to order the program, receive a demo version, or inquire about compatibility with a specific printer model, please contact the creator of the respective integration directly. You can find the contact information in integration description in the panel.


The module can be enabled in section Integrations → Add integrationOther → Receipts – fiscal printer → Activate.


After activating the plug-in, a new button is visible on the order tab, creating a receipt. It is located above the button generating the invoice and has a similar action.


You can generate receipts individually from the order card, in bulk from the order list, or automatically using automatic actions.


When a receipt is created in BaseLinker, it automatically sends a command to the fiscal printer to print the fiscal receipt.


There are no additional costs associated with using this plug-in in BaseLinker. A one-off fee for the external program is charged by the creator of external integration.

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