BaseLinker Printer

Direct integration with printers allows you to print labels with one click, without the need to download a label file. BaseLinker connects to the printer in the background, the label is printed immediately after pressing the button in the order. This reduces the time it takes to print a single label. Printing is possible from any computer (even if it is far away from the office).


How to connect BaseLinker Printer?

  1. Download the BaseLinker Printer app.
  2. Install and run the application.
  3. Click the “Set in App” button to set the print key. If the automatic setting fails, copy the key to the clipboard yourself and paste it in the application window.
  4. The list of available printers will appear in the form next to it, select the ones you want to use in the BaseLinker panel and click save. If the printer list is empty, click the “Refresh Printer List” button.
  5. The quick print button is available in many places in the system (e.g. on labels, invoices), as well as in automatic actions.


The integration provides following functionalities:

  • printing a label directly from the order card (button on the list of shipments in the order). If several printers are connected to the system, the user can select a printer from the list.
  • printing labels directly also from the order list (individually after generating packages or in bulk for selected packages).
  • printing an invoice directly in the order (for both BaseLinker templates and invoices submitted to accounting services such as iFirma, wFirma, Fakturownia, Firmao, InFakt).
  • printing a receipt (in case of PDF receipts transferred to the wFirma and Fakturownia services)
  • assigning printers to employees. You can indicate which printers each employee account can use. This is particularly useful when the company operates on several packing stations with separate printers.
  • setting the default printer for employee profile. Each employee can specify the main printer for own use – it will always be available on top of the list (the list of printers to choose from appears if more than one printer is connected).

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