Custom order sources

Each order in the BaseLinker panel has an assigned source of origin. Sources may be related to a given integration (eg Allegro, shop) or defined in the panel (eg telephone orders).


Defining the source of the order helps, among others by:

  • filtering orders,
  • conditioning of automatic actions.

All integrations – such as a marketplace or an online store – create new sources of orders automatically.


For manually entered orders, you can create your own names – e.g. ‘telephone order, order placed in person’, etc. – and then assign them to a specific order from the order tab.



To create your own order sources, go to the tab Orders → Settings → Custom Order Sources and then select the ‘Create Order Source’ button.



The source price group, warehouse and language can be assigned to the source of the order – this is important when adding products to the order manually.


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