Back to Help – account setup is a Polish marketplace owned by the Comarch group. 

In BaseLinker, there is a two-way integration available with It allows for both the retrieval and handling of orders, as well as bulk listing of offers.


How to connect the integration?

To connect your account, follow these steps:

  1. Register a business account on or log in to your existing account on the marketplace’s website.
  2. Retrieve the API token from the panel.
  3. Go to the Integrations tab in BaseLinker, then click on “Add Integration” and search for in the list of available plugins.
  4. Enter any desired display name for the account and paste the API token copied from the marketplace panel.
  5. Click “Save” and you’re done! 🙂 The module has been added to your BaseLinker account, and you can now proceed with configuring the integration.


Settings of the integration

After adding the account, the integration settings offer the following tabs:

  • Connection – in this section, you can check the correctness of the connection with the account.
  • Orders – here you can enable and configure the order retrieval settings.
  • Listing settings – in this section, you can select the default category, delivery pricing, offer template, and define various other common offer settings.
  • Order statuses – enabling the status mapping will send any changes in order status from the system to the marketplace. However, please note that the synchronization does not work in the opposite direction (changing the status on the marketplace side will not update the status in BaseLinker).
  • Prices – the price synchronization module allows you to automatically synchronize prices on listings according to the prices of products in your inventory.
  • Stock – the stock synchronization module enables you to automatically synchronize the stock levels on listings according to the stock levels of products in your inventory.
  • Advanced settings – in this section, you can configure courier mapping to ensure the proper transfer of shipping information to the marketplace.



On the left side of the BaseLinker panel, you can see the module. You will find six tabs here:

  • Listing – from this section, you can list your offers. To access the listing form, select the warehouse, marketplace account, and products, then click on “List selected (form)“.
  • Offer management – in this section, you can manage your already listed offers. You can also import offers listed outside of the BaseLinker system (and handle them directly within the panel), as well as export offers for further analysis.
  • Shipping templates – using the “Refresh shipping templates” button, you can retrieve the shipping price lists configured on the marketplace side into the system. This allows you to utilize them when listing new offers.
  • Categories and parameters – in this tab, you can select your favorite categories and map parameters.
  • Offer templates – here you can create your own layouts for offers listed on
  • Associations – from this tab, you can assign corresponding marketplace categories, shipping price lists, and offer templates to individual products and/or categories in your inventory. These associations determine which categories, shipping prices, and offer templates should apply to each product or category on the marketplace.


Integration capabilities

Thanks to the two-way integration with, it is possible to:

  • importing orders from all connected accounts into the BaseLinker panel;
  • forwarding orders to an online store;
  • automatically forwarding shipment tracking numbers from the BaseLinker panel to the marketplace;
  • listing offers based on products from a connected warehouse in the system (such as a store’s warehouse, wholesaler, BaseLinker’s warehouse, or an ERP system) or the BaseLinker catalog;
  • managing offers;
  • automatically relisting offers;
  • synchronizing the stock in the offer according to the current product availability in the warehouse;
  • synchronizing the price in the offer according to the price of the associated product in the warehouse, taking into account the price multiplier.

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