BaseLinker integrations with ERP programs are provided by external companies. BaseLinker does not create its own integrators of this type. Below you can find external integrators available for purchase from Comarch Optima. The integrator connects with the BaseLinker API and ERP database to exchange information. The integrator cost and the billing method depends on the software provider.

If you are a developer and have prepared your own integrator with any ERP program, please contact us.

Suppliers of BaseLinker integrators with Comarch Optima




WAREHOUSE (import)

Stock levels

Warehouse (export)

ELTE-S is a long-time partner of Comarch, guarantees the compatibility of the integrator with the latest versions of ERP Optima.

The integrator was developed in cooperation with BaseLinker implementation department.

The application works automatically and after completing the configuration it does not require maintenance.

Synchronizer comprehensively handles the whole process from sending price list, processing order to sending FS to domestic and foreign customer

  • Servicing returns and exchanges of goods
  • Realization of intercompany sales
  • Service of custom additional fields
  • Changes of document attribute values due to status in BL
Take advantage of 14 days DEMO!

One-time net PLN 3500




WAREHOUSE (import)

Warehouse (export)

ZETO-RZESZÓW Sp. z o.o. is a long-time partner of Comarch, guarantees the integrator's compatibility with the latest versions of ERP Optima.

Process automation
Integration of Comarch ERP with BaseLinker allows automating many processes related to managing an online store. Data on orders, inventory, customers and products can be synchronized between both systems in real time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and minimizing the risk of errors.

Consolidated sales management
Thanks to the integration of Comarch ERP with BaseLinker, the customer can centrally manage online sales from all sales platforms, such as Allegro, eBay, Amazon, etc. All orders are collected in one place, making it easier to oversee sales processes and track order status.

Inventory update
The integration enables automatic inventory updates in Comarch ERP based on sales made by various sales platforms. When an order is placed by a customer, the stock is automatically updated, preventing the sale of unavailable products and minimizing the risk of mistaken orders.

Improved customer service
Thanks to the integration of data with Comarch ERP and BaseLinker, the customer can easily access complete information about their customers. Order history, preferences, contact information and other relevant information is available in one place, allowing for better customer service and personalized interactions.

Integrator functionalities

Document Upload: Upload various types of documents from Comarch ERP to BaseLinker, such as invoices, advance invoices, receipts and proforma invoices.

Order import: Import orders from BaseLinker to Comarch ERP, allowing automatic creation and synchronization of sales documents.

Import of completed product information: Import supplemental items from the commodity card from Comarch ERP into BaseLinker, such as attributes, description, EAN, supplier code, etc.

Merchandise group synchronization: Assigning commodity groups from Comarch ERP to categories in BaseLinker or adding a new commodity group as a new category in BaseLinker.

Contractor management: Add and associate contractors in Comarch ERP, making it easier to manage customer and associate data.

Price and inventory updates: Automatically update prices and inventory from Comarch ERP to BaseLinker.

Import product images: Import product images from Comarch ERP or from a folder into BaseLinker.

Update schedule: Set a schedule for updating products, prices and inventory.

Error information: Display error information in the order notes in BaseLinker, allowing you to identify and fix problems faster.

Document workflow path. Support the default document workflow path: from sales in BaseLinker, to sales order in ERP, to creating and sending invoice/receipt to BaseLinker in PDF format.

Status definition and mapping: Ability to define and map order statuses which allows you to customize the system to meet your individual needs and business processes.

ERP product card creation: The system operator can use the function of creating a product card in the ERP system based on data from the sales platform, providing relevant product information.

Why cooperate with us?
  • Accurate analyses of the existing state
  • Building turnkey solutions
  • Effective implementations that optimize processes
  • Guaranteed increase in work efficiency
  • Professional and friendly service support
  • Guaranteed long-term and honest cooperation

Integrator has a desktop installation version - after downloading which the user installs the application independently on the computer. After that, the settings and data are configured and the synchronizer is ready to work.

Use the 14-DAY DEMO period!

The fee is PLN 2,900 net + implementation fee (determined during individual consultations).
The purchase price includes a one-year warranty.
As part of the warranty, the customer has the right to download any updates and new versions of the Integrator.

CDNPARTNERS sp. z o. o.



WAREHOUSE (import)

Warehouse (export)

The integration is maintained and sold by an external company CDNPARTNERS sp. z o. o..

Offered Integrator ERPSync works fully automatically and allows to synchronize BaseLinker system with Comarch ERP Optima without user's interference. Clear and extensive configuration allows you to set the synchronization yourself. In addition, thanks to e-mail notifications, you don't need to control the operation of the integration - the application itself notifies by e-mail about any problems encountered during order synchronization.

Functionality of ERPSync Integrator:
  • Export commodity groups to BaseLinker:
    • Possibility to export different commodity group trees to different directories in BaseLinker.
  • Export goods to BaseLinker:
    • Possibility to indicate which commodities to export to BaseLinker (selected group subtree in ERP, commodities or groups marked with indicated attribute, commodities made available to eStore).
    • Possibility to pair goods by commodity code or EAN code.
    • Export of attributes.
    • Export of images downloaded from the ERP system database or a designated directory.
    • Export of descriptions (including the ability to pair languages in the ERP system with languages in BaseLinker).
    • Export of parameters and additional fields (ability to export any field from ERP system as a parameter/additional field in BaseLinker).
  • Export inventory to BaseLinker:
    • Possibility of any pairing of storages in ERP system with storages in BaseLinker.
    • Differential synchronization of stock levels.
    • Option to calculate stock according to your own rules.
  • Export of price lists:
    • Possibility to pair any price list in ERP system with any price list in BaseLinker.
  • Import orders to ERP system:
    • Possibility to set multiple conditions for importing orders into ERP:
      • The option to indicate, for example, the type of document in the ERP system, series, storage, category depending on the status in BaseLinker, the source of the order or a specific versus the source of the order.
      • Possibility to define infinite order import conditions.
    • Check customers in VIES during order import.
    • Possibility to indicate a specific counterparty on the document in the ERP system (also depending on the status or source of the order in BaseLinker).
    • Possibility to define any order description in ERP system containing all order data from BaseLinker (returned by BaseLinker API).
    • Possibility to set up goods in ERP system during order import.
    • Possibility to indicate any order status in BaseLinker to be set after importing order into ERP system.
    • Ability to indicate the order status to set in BaseLinker when it does not find the goods in the ERP system.
    • Possibility to change the status of an order in BaseLinker in case of an error during the import of an order to the ERP system (with the content of the error written to the indicated additional field in BaseLinker).
    • OSS VAT support.
    • Possibility of any pairing of payment forms and delivery methods.
    • Possibility of any pairing of attributes to be set on the document in the ERP system (along with a condition on the source of the order).
    • More than 50 additional order import configuration options.
  • Export order statuses to BaseLinker:
    • Possibility to pair order statuses in ERP with any statuses in BaseLinker.
    • Possibility to individually extend document statuses in ERP.
  • Export of invoice printouts to BaseLinker:
    • Possibility to indicate the type of printout from the ERP system depending on the country/order source/specific order source account.
  • Automatic generation of invoices/receipts in ERP system:
    • The option to indicate the statuses in BaseLinker that trigger the generation of an invoice/paragon in the ERP system.
    • Option to indicate whether to generate a WZ document for an invoice/paragon.
    • Option to indicate whether to perform fiscal in ERP.
    • Option to indicate whether the invoice/paragon is to be settled in the ERP system (depending on whether the order is paid in BaseLinker).
  • Export orders to BaseLinker:
    • Possibility to indicate which documents from the ERP system to export as orders to BaseLinker.
    • Possibility to freely pair document fields in ERP system with fields on order in BaseLinker.
  • Import waybill numbers to ERP system.
  • Export waybill numbers to BaseLinker:
    • Possibility to define the place in ERP system from which waybills should be downloaded.
  • Automatic email notifications:
    • Option to send notifications about imported orders or errors when importing orders (e.g. missing goods).
  • Automatic synchronization:
    • Possibility to indicate the frequency of synchronization execution separately for each type of synchronization (export of goods, export of prices, import of orders, etc.).
    • Possibility to indicate the time interval for each type of synchronization (e.g. export of goods is to work from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm).
Benefits of ERPSync Integrator:
  • No limits on the number of goods and orders.
  • Expansive configuration - more than 100 synchronization configuration parameters.
  • Flexibility - possibility of individual development of the integrator without modification of the application code.
  • Possibility to define multiple configurations and save the configuration history.
  • No additional fees for implementation. The program comes with clear instructions for self-implementation.
  • A comprehensive, very rich solution that is constantly being developed. Customers are informed about any updates by email.
  • A possibility to test the full version of Integrator - the manufacturer provides a DEMO version.

CDN Partner in Wroclaw also offers an integrator with basic synchronization - ERPync in Light version. Comparison of the integrators on the Manufacturer's website.
ERPync application - one integrator, many benefits!.

ErPSync PRICE: PLN 3,500 net (one-time fee)

. ErPSyncLight pricing: PLN 1,000 net (one-time fee)

. A one-year warranty is included in the purchase price. Under the warranty, the customer has the right to download any updates and new versions of the Integrator.




WAREHOUSE (import)

Stock levels

Warehouse (export)

The integration is performed, maintained and sold by a third-party e-merge company

The main functionalities of the program are synchronizations:

  • Goods and goods variants (description, category, price, VAT rate, code, EAN, name, weight, additional fields, additional tags, images and more)
  • Stocks (support for multiple storages, schedule or after each change in the database, availability stocks, stock levels, reservations, external stock levels, documents from suppliers)
  • Orders (ID, number, origin, various counterparty record models, shipping addresses, additional fields, currencies, VAT rates, on-the-fly storage transfers, descriptions, status changes, payments, splitting orders into multiple storages, mapping costs and shipment types, and more)
  • Commercial documents (ability to auto-fulfill orders based on status changes in BaseLinker, creation of MM and other documents, FV, receipts, pdf upload to BaseLinker and others)
  • Possibility to prepare individual synchronization of selected parameters, or documents

Integrations are built strictly according to the requirements of the project. This ensures their stability and quality.
Possibility to expand the scope of functionality and adapt individual synchronizations to the needs of the company.

One-time price from 4900 net, or subscription

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