BaseLinker integrations with ERP programs are provided by external companies. BaseLinker does not create its own integrators of this type. Below you can find external integrators available for purchase from MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV. The integrator connects with the BaseLinker API and ERP database to exchange information. The integrator cost and the billing method depends on the software provider.

If you are a developer and have prepared your own integrator with any ERP program, please contact us.

Suppliers of BaseLinker integrators with MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV




The integration is maintained and sold by the third-party company SellIntegro Ltd. - a certified, first, largest integrator of BaseLinker.
It allows you to automatically and fully securely transfer orders to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, using it you can transfer customer data and create: sales order, PA, PAi, VAT Invoice

Integration options:
  • Create a buyer file or link to an existing one
  • Processing documents for status in BaseLinker
  • Selecting status in BaseLinker after creating a document in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Select the type of document to create
  • Choosing the net / gross amount when retrieving orders from BaseLinker
  • Give a category to the document to be created or determine it based on the status in BaseLinker
  • Possibility to change the signature on the document
  • Bind products thanks to symbol, EAN, SKU, Name, product auction ID
  • Automatic mapping of shipping costs
  • Support for orders in different currencies and much more functionality shown in the scenario
In case of missing functionality, we can prepare a dedicated solution or extend the current plugin.

If you have any questions about this module, please contact us at or use our knowledge base
The integration is available on and in the BaseLInker panel.

PLN 350 per month
PLN 4,200 per year

Test all system integrations and functions free of charge for 14 days