Integration with Leroy Merlin EU is a two-way integration that offers downloading orders from the marketplace to the BaseLinker panel, as well as listing and synchronizing offers. For listing you can use your store's warehouse, BaseLinker warehouse, wholesaler or external ERP system. Orders from Leroy Merlin EU can be handled in the BaseLinker Order Manager or forwarded to the store / ERP. The number of Leroy Merlin EU connected accounts is unlimited - you can add as many accounts as you need within your business, without affecting the subscription amount.

Integrating BaseLinker with Leroy Merlin EU offers:

  • listing thousands of offers with just a few clicks
  • to synchronize quantities and prices on Leroy Merlin EU according to your stock
  • downloading and handling orders in BaseLinker
  • forwarding orders to the store or ERP
  • forwarding shipping numbers to Leroy Merlin EU
  • handling orders quickly and without errors with the help of the Pick&Pack Assistant
  • using the automatic actions that take care of your orders
  • issuing invoices and receipts for downloaded orders
  • creating shipments with selected carriers
  • recognize the caller who made the purchase in Leroy Merlin EU with BaseLinker Caller application

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