BaseLinker integrations with ERP programs are provided by external companies. BaseLinker does not create its own integrators of this type. Below you can find external integrators available for purchase from Streamsoft Prestiż. The integrator connects with the BaseLinker API and ERP database to exchange information. The integrator cost and the billing method depends on the software provider.

If you are a developer and have prepared your own integrator with any ERP program, please contact us.

Suppliers of BaseLinker integrators with Streamsoft Prestiż




Integration with BaseLinker is sold and maintained by Streamsoft - the producer and supplier of the Streamsoft Prestiż ERP system. The solution enables the handling of any sales channels from the system level, thanks to the data exchange between Streamsoft Prestiż and the BaseLinker platform.

Integration details

Order handling
Thanks to the integration, you can check order data from websites directly from the ERP system level. You can view customer comments added when placing the order, the selected method of payment and delivery - including shipping from Amazon storages, payments by quick payments PayU, PayPal, Allegro, etc. There is also a link to BaseLinker with information about the order.

In the Streamsoft Prestiż system, for orders with BaseLinker, you will generate a release order, issue a commercial document (WZ => FWZ, FVAT) and give the consignment note number (Couriers).

Order statuses and consignment note numbers are automatically exported to the points of sale.

Sales service Managing the offer placed on auction sites also takes place from the level of the ERP system.
Product information is exported: file groups (group tree, manufacturers), goods files, including photos, descriptions and selected features, as well as inventory and sale prices. The integration will be developed with new functionalities. If necessary, we can also prepare a dedicated solution or expand the existing capabilities.

About Streamsoft
Producer and supplier of ERP systems, on the IT market for 32 years, 100% Polish capital. In the portfolio: the Streamsoft Prestiż system for production, trade and services - implemented over 350 times in production companies, incl. RBB Stal, Enika or BioMaxima and Streamsoft Verto for the e-commerce and retail industry, which works well with leaders of modern trade, including CCC,, R-GOL.

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WAREHOUSE (import)

Stock levels

Warehouse (export)

The integration is performed, maintained and sold by a third-party e-merge company

Main program functionalities are synchronizations:

  • Items (description, category, price, VAT rate, code, EAN, name and others)
  • .
  • Stocks (support for multiple storages, schedule or after each change in the database, availability status, storage status, reservations)
  • Orders (ID, number, origin, different contractor record models, shipping addresses, additional fields, currencies, rates, VAT, descriptions, status changes, payments and more)
  • .
  • Commercial documents (pdf upload to BaseLinker)
  • .

Integrations are built strictly according to the requirements of a given project, hence the possibility of extending the scope of functionality and adjusting

individual synchronizations to the individual synchronizations according to the needs of the company.

Price to be agreed depending on the scope


The integration is maintained and marketed by EXIS Interactive. The integrator transfers the orders visible in BaseLinker to Streamsoft Prestiż.

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Comprehensive sales management
BaseLinker is not just another Order Manager

BaseLinker offers you complex sales management. In addition to the Order Manager, we also offer you access to a warehouse, where you can create a product database, a panel for the bulk offer listing or the possibility to integrate the store with marketplace platforms.

Order Manager Product warehouse Marketplace Manager Shipping management Workflow automation

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