Integrating BaseLinker account with Dextrum allows you to control and manage your fulfillment orders in one intuitive system. Fulfillment as a form of outsourcing logistics services is becoming more and more popular amongst retailers. Outsourcing the logistics process to an external company saves time, eliminates the fixed costs associated with renting a warehouse, and reduces packing or shipping mistakes. The range of services offered can vary from one provider to another.

By connecting via API, BaseLinker and the Dextrum system are able to exchange information on new orders appearing on your website or marketplace account. BaseLinker x Dextrum integration is provided by a third-party company - please contact the supplier before adding it to your panel.

Integrating a Dextrum with BaseLinker enables:

  • forwarding orders to Dextrum (including automation of order forwarding and processing back orders)
  • viewing current order status
  • automatic forwarding of the shipment tracking number either to the customer or marketplace platform

How to start?
To start working with Dextrum Fulfillment, please contact the company directly by email at

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