Integrating Nuvem Shop online store to the BaseLinker system focuses on connecting the store platform with marketplace services, such as Allegro, eBay or Amazon. Marketplace integration modules built into store platforms usually provide very limited functionalities. Sellers often choose BaseLinker as an intermediary to access its features to support the offer listing and sales management. Get surprised how simple and quick such integration process actually gets!

Retailers running their business exclusively in the online store also switch their order management to BaseLinker to improve their workflow using the Pick&Pack Assistant or automatic actions, and benefit from the carrier and accountancy integrations in one place.

Integrating a Nuvem Shop store with BaseLinker enables:

  • downloading orders from Nuvem Shop to the BaseLinker panel (orders from all channels are handled in one place, i.e. in the BaseLinker Order Manager)
  • listing products from the store's warehouse to the marketplace (Nuvem Shop store as an external warehouse)
  • forwarding orders from the marketplace (integrated two-ways) to the online store
  • prices and stock synchronization between the store and multiple marketplace services
  • forwarding shipping numbers and order statuses from BaseLinker to the store (so that the store also has live order data when processed in BaseLinker)
  • updating products in offers according to the information in the store's warehouse
  • creation of invoices based on orders from Nuvem Shop and possible forwarding to the external accounting program
  • printing receipts on a fiscal printer for orders downloaded from Nuvem Shop
  • recognition of the caller who made a purchase in Nuvem Shop with BaseLinker Caller application
  • easy shipping label creation

Basic online store platform task is to present the goods and provide a convenient purchase process for the buyer. The order handling workflow itself isn't usually advanced in the majority of shop platforms, and that's why it is worth connecting the shop to a tool created for this purpose - the BaseLinker.

Nuvem Shop store integrations with the marketplace, carrier or accounting system, available in BaseLinker, are always up to date and very simple to set up. All are located in one place and supported by a single interface. No longer worry about a malfunctioning store plugin or issues with the module installation.

Integrate your Nuvem Shop store to BaseLinker in a few minutes and advance your sales to the next level!

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