Epaka.pl is a shipping platform for sending international parcels. It cooperates with many delivery companies, e.g. UPS, DPD, Geis, FedEx, DHL.

Connect your Epaka account to BaseLinker to simplify your order dispatch process. Connect several carriers and multiple sales channels and handle them all in one intuitive Order Manager. Integrating Epaka with BaseLinker lets you quickly send packages - individually, in bulk or even automatically without your participation.

System can perform for you a great variety of shipment preparation activities:

  • print shipping labels (individually from the order card as well as in bulk from the order list)
  • generate a shipping manifest
  • forward the shipping number to the marketplace and online store
  • provide the customer with a shipment tracking link
  • perform automatic actions depending on the shipment status (e.g. send an automatic e-mail to the customer when the customer has received the package)

As the integration uses the Epaka API, the assigned shipping number is immediately available in the system and can be quickly forwarded to the customer. BaseLinker offers unlimited number of Epaka accounts to integrate - you can connect the same account several times, for example, to set a different sender address.

Thanks to extended cooperation with Epaka.pl, customers using BaseLinker can receive a package of benefits:

  • dedicated, competitive pricing for shipments
  • COD returns in 1 work day (at an attractive price)
  • for new customers reimbursement of the amount of BaseLinker's subscription to epaka.pl balance for 6 months, to use for delivery services (amount depends on the number of shipments)

Registration in the epaka.pl service should be made using a special link: https://www.epaka.pl/baselinker

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