EAN, SKU, VAT, weight in orders

Orders may contain data such as EAN, SKU, VAT and weight.



For orders from the store, this data is retrieved directly from the store.


However, in the case of orders from marketplace platforms, they are not retrieved directly from the marketplace.


EAN, SKU, VAT and weight in the order come from eBay / other marketplaces → Offer management.




So it is important that:

  • There are existing offers in eBay/ other marketplaces → Offer management
  • Offers have correct EAN, SKU, VAT and weight – they are linked to proper products in the warehouse


If you have listed offers outside the BaseLinker system, you can import them in accordance with the Importing offers and products.


Data update

To update the EAN / SKU / VAT and weight, make changes to the product in stock and then:


  • Re-save the link between the offer and the product – it can be done in bulk for many offers at the same time. For more information, see Linking offers to warehouse products.
  • Go to the Offer details and select the “Refresh the data from the storage” option in the “Associating” tab.



The only exception is the BaseLinker warehouse – a change in the warehouse data will immediately update the data assigned to the offer in the BaseLinker system.


In the case of eBay and Allegro platforms, import with an update may overwrite the EAN number. And in the case of Allegro, the import can complete the SKU number (only if in the SKU field is empty – otherwise the import will not overwrite the existing SKU).


VAT on the invoice

By default, the VAT in the invoices are taken directly from the orders.


However, you can assign a different rate:

  • in the invoice series settings in the Orders Manager → Invoices → Settings → Edit → VAT rate section.
  • in the automatic action settings (‘Issue an invoice’ action). Settings for automatic actions overwrite other settings.

For more information, see Invoices – configuration.

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