Name of product saved in warehouse

The product names in the order are taken from a given offer by default. However, the system allows you to download the name also from BaseLinker’s warehouse, online store or any warehouse connected to BaseLinker.

The name is downloaded according to the product linked to a given offer.


After selecting in section Integration → Marketplace account → Settings → Orders → Product names from storage option “Yes” all product names in new orders will be names from the warehouse. The same names will be transferred to the invoice or receipt –  if these documents are issued to the order. This will apply only to newly downloaded orders. System will not change already existing orders.



If you have changed the product name in the warehouse, update the auction as well.


To do so, once again link offer and the product via Offer management → Operations → Associate with products from the storage → Perform → Save associations. Additional information about the links can be found in the Linking offers to warehouse products.


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