BaseLinker has been designed for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their multi-channel sales. Whether you list on ManoMano, Decathlon or other marketplaces, you can manage all orders in one user-friendly dashboard.. Benefits include connecting multiple accounts per marketplace without separate logins, making it ideal for store owners or sellers handling phone and in-person orders.

Multi-channel businesses benefit from BaseLinker's quick listing tools. Easily list thousands of products on ManoMano and Decathlon with a few clicks. You can source products from the same inventory, e.g., your store's warehouse, ERP, or BaseLinker's built-in warehouse. Alternatively, use separate warehouses for each marketplace. For dropshipping, connect a wholesaler's warehouse to BaseLinker, but keep one warehouse per marketplace account.

The key advantage of integrating ManoMano and Decathlon in BaseLinker is inventory synchronization. When a product gets sold on one platform, it updates the quantity on the other one. If stock hits zero, listings can automatically close and relist once restocked on all marketplaces. Plus, price changes in your inventory update across all sales channels. You can also set specific pricing rules for ManoMano and Decathlon accounts.

Linking ManoMano and Decathlon accounts in BaseLinker simplifies transferring listings between both platforms. Connect one of the two to BaseLinker, automatically creating products in our inventory, then swiftly list them on the other platform.

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