BaseLinker Changelog – June 2023


BaseLinker is being extended with new modules, features and options every day. Below is a list of the modifications made in June. The most important updates are described in separate blog posts as they are implemented.

Product Manager and Order Manager:

[Inventory] AI generating name, descriptions, parameters and additional fields of type ‘text’ in products (also in bulk)
[Inventory] AI to remove backgrounds from product images (also in bulk)
[Inventory] Automatic action enabling printing files from additional fields.
[Inventory] Possibility to generate descriptions in allegro (sectional) form by AI
[Invoices] Added new filtering field
[Orders] Additional operators Starts with, Ends with, Contains the phrase, Doesn’t contain a phrase in automatic actions for the shipping method.
[Orders] Automatic action for printing files from additional fields
[Orders] Automatic action to delete a shipment (newest or all)
[Orders] New conditions (equals / doesn’t equal / empty value / non-empty value) for “Payment method” in automatic actions
[Orders][Automatic actions] Maximum delivery time condition added
[Orders][Automatic actions] Maximum shipping time condition added
[Receipts] Printout of a receipt from BaseLinker with the date of printing the receipt from the fiscal printer (if it has been printed)
[Sales register XML] New Czech “IČO” field added to export
[System] Added ‘Messages’ tab in Allegro, Amazon, Ebay, Olx, Empik, Kaufland, Erli, Etsy for Resposno in Marketplace menu

Marketplace Manager:

[Marketplace] AI generating name, description and parameters in all marketplaces and additionally category in Allegro and bullet points in Amazon (also in bulk)
[Marketplace] Correct currency on synchronization table logs

Integrations – Marketplace:

[Allegro] Deactivating the possibility to check competitor’s prices for Czech type accounts
[Allegro] Disabling promotion while creating an offer
[Allegro] Improved hyperlinks depending on PL/CZ Allegro account type
[Allegro] Newer version of VAT rates matching for PL and CZ orders
[Alza] BCX codes handling
[Amazon Vendor] New integration (impot offers and getting offers)
[Amazon] ConditionType parameter mapping fix
[Amazon] Extracting customization file and show details in modal
[Amazon] Import offers polish letters fix
[Decathlon] Markdown support in the description (list of features)
[Douglas] Improving the reading of prices in the order (includes VAT)
[Erli] Fixed putting SKU number to updated themed descriptions
[Erli][] Beter downloading orders and payments from longer period
[FNAC] New API for Darty/FNAC
[Google] Ability to change currency
[Heureka] Fixed showing order positions names and thumbnails
[Otto] Handling returned orders
[Pigu] Fixes in orders data downloading
[ReCar] New integration
[] New integration
[] Fixed delivery methods names mapping
[] Fixed lack of order positions thumbnails
[eBay] Update values for condition parameter
[eMAG] Confirming orders before forwarding package to marketplace
[eMAG] Confirming orders on download as option
[eMAG] Forwarding tracking number
[eMAG] Getting registration_number to RegionalExtraFields
[eMAG] Saving order date in correct timezone

Integrations – Accounting:

[Eccosys] New integration – exporting invoices
[Fakturownia] Synchronisation of inventory items stocks and prices
[Firmao] New option “Create contractor”
[Odoo] New integration – exporting invoices
[Sefaz] support for interstate and foreign transactions
[SmartBill] Mapping of payment methods
[Superfaktura] Mapping of payment methods
[Superfaktura] Support for handling external logos and graphic signatures.
[iDoklad] Sending item codes with the invoice as an integration option
[inFakt] Passing the WSTO_EE flag
[inFakt] Unit in English was added for foreign invoices
[wFirma] support for price groups when synchronizing prices from the warehouse

Integrations – Couriers:

[Apaczka] Addition of new services (Geodis and Poczta Polska Palety)
[DHL PL] Improvement of tracking number saving for ‘Connect Plus’ shipments
[DPD CZ] Improvement of the mechanism for downloading statuses
[DTS/Zadbano] Adding the option to disable the automatic generation of subpackages
[FedexPL] Addition of counting pieces and weights of shipped pallets, the collected information is automatically transmitted when ordering the pickup
[Fedex] Ability to get rates for multiple packages
[GoGlobal24] For DHL Packstation, the pickup point data will be taken from the “Pickup at point” fields
[Mall Delivery] Improvement of the mechanism for downloading statuses
[OlzaLogistic] Addition of new service we|do parcel locker
[Packeta] Addition of new option to enable tracking to other API users
[Parcelhub] Adding support for the duty box.
[ShipStation] Improved downloads of available carriers and services (refresh by saving/editing shipper account)
[UPS] Adding the ability to connect integration using OAuth
[USPS] Addition of option to select available label print sizes
[Whistl] New integration

Integrations – Online shops:

[PrestaShop] Mapping Prestashop combination data to variant fields in BL
[SellSmart] Order status synchronizations
[Shopify] Advanced setting: ‘add_orders_without_products_connections’ default ‘false’
[Shopify] Fixed an issue with the product not adding to the collection in pAdd
[Shopify] Setting parameter ‘og_financial_status’ default is ‘any’
[Shopify] Setting parameter ‘pa_new_product_status’ with values: ‘active’ / ‘draft’, default is ‘active’
[SoteShop] Importing delivery point ID from st_order_delivery.pickup_point
[Squarespace] Added get currency in orders
[Squarespace] Added support for discounts in orders and advanced setting ‘discount_value’
[Upgates] Fetch statuses and tracking numbers from store
[Upgates] Setting parameter ‘add_feature_value_to_variant_name’ default is false
[WooCommerce] Importing delivery point data for Orlen Paczka via Apaczka

Integrations – Wholesalers:

[Motorland] New integration


[BaseLinker Printer] Possibility to remove printer from list
[BaseLinker Printer] Fiscalization of MacOs receipts (Novitus)
[BaseLinker Printer] Fiscalization of linux receipts (Posnet, Novitus)

Knowledge Base:

[Article update] Wish – integration configuration
[New article] Amazon MCF
[New article] Allegro additional services

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