BaseLinker Connect is an integration that allows data exchange between BaseLinker accounts. It enables the transfer of orders and shipments as well as sharing of product data from a specific BaseLinker catalog with other sellers, hence it is a great solution for dropshipping sellers or fulfillment service providers and users.


The configuration of the integration depends on whether you want to download products and transfer orders, or whether you need to share products and download orders. You can use both options as well. Data exchange is possible between two BaseLinker accounts, but you can add any number of integrations with different settings.

How to add BaseLinker Connect integration?

In order to add the BaseLinker Connect plugin, go to the Integrations tab and click the green button ’+Add Integration. Scroll down to the ’Other section and select ’BaseLinker Connect’. You will see two available options:



I have a connection code from another user

Use this option if you have received a connection code and want to forward orders to a supplier or access products (depending on account administrator settings from whom you received the code). This option is especially useful for distributors of products from third-party wholesalers or vendors using third-party fulfillment services.



Just enter the code, verify and select the values for the settings (settings hide prices, overwrite invoice data and forwarding orders will be available if token has been assigned for downloading orders):


  • display name;
  • hide prices – if you want to transfer an order, you can use this option to hide information regarding its value;
  • overwrite invoice data – selecting ‘yes’ will expand cells for entering data to be sent with the order (e.g. your company) instead of the data provided by the customer;
  • forwarding orders – you can choose whether you want to see a forwarding button on the order card, or whether the forwarding will only be possible with automatic actions.

If product sharing has been enabled, the catalog of the account from which you received the code will be visible when listing products on the marketplace. You will be able to add items from the shared warehouse manually to the order.


You can also import products into your BaseLinker catalog. The „Prices” and „Stock” tabs allow you to manage their synchronization settings. An import can be done from the Products → Import / Export → Import → Import products from an external storage (store, wholesaler, BaseLinker Connect).


If the code provider enables order retrieval, you will be able to transfer orders using automatic actions or the custom event button visible on the order card and order list. If the option Create a button on the order card to forward orders is selected when connecting the token, it will be created automatically, without the need to set up an automatic action (the action created in this way can be freely edited, adapting its action to your requirements).



I want to generate a connection code to integrate with another account

This integration option should be selected if you want to generate and give someone a code with which you can retrieve orders and/or share products and shipments.



You need to set up the following fields:

  • display name;
  • connection code name;
  • downloading orders – select ‘yes‘ if you want to receive orders from accounts you share your code with. Additional settings will appear after enabling this option:
    • target status – the status to which downloaded orders should go,
    • shipments  – two-way transfer of shipping numbers,
    • overwrite products data – data such as name, price, tax rate or weight can thus be overwritten with the data of matching products,
    • match products – Inventory – the ability to select the catalog to which products added to orders not from the catalog of your account will be matched (you can also disable matching). If the products in the transferred order came from the catalog of the account receiving the order, the product should always be matched. This function applies to those items that do not come from the catalog of the account to which you are transferring the order (e.g. added from your catalog),
    • source warehouse – the warehouse assigned to the products in the order, which will be the source of their stocks,
    • omit not matched products;
  • sharing products – select ‘yes’ if you want to allow access to products from your inventory in BaseLinker. You will need to set up the following options:
      • inventory – catalog to be shared,
      • language,
      • source warehouse,
      • price group – prices to be transferred for individual products,
      • descriptions – enable/disable sharing of product descriptions,
      • parameters – enable/disable parameter sharing,
      • images – gives you the option to share only the first photo, all of them, or none at all.


Once the token is created, it is not possible to edit the connection settings. If you wish to change them, you need to add a new integration with a new token and the new settings.


Integration features – summary

  • Downloading orders from a linked account ⇄ forwarding orders to a supplier and retrieving the shipment number.
  • Sharing products from a selected catalog ⇄ access to shared products (you can then list them on your marketplace account, or import into your catalog).
  • Two-way forwarding of shipping numbers with tracking.
  • Create technical orders – a function added as a part of order merging. It copies data from selected orders to a new technical order, but does not affect inventory. Information such as delivery or invoice data is copied from the main order. It can be used, to issue a summary invoice to all orders downloaded from an account linked via BaseLinker Connect.




Are there any additional charges for using BaseLinker Connect?

The integration itself is not additionally charged. The subscription will be calculated according to the price list, it does not matter whether the order / products were downloaded by BaseLinker Connect or, for example, from the store.

Is it possible to integrate with an external product data catalog (with a store or Wisebase, Brandbank, Azimuthe)?

Unfortunately, no. Only products in the catalog can be shared using BaseLinker Connect. To share, for example, products from the store, you would first need to perform an import into the catalog.

Is it possible to pass in orders only products from a particular wholesaler (providing the code)?

In the integration settings, you can select an option that will skip unmatched products from the order.

Do I have to import all the products I make available from the wholesaler?

In the product import settings, you can specify the ID numbers of the products you want to download.

Is it possible to automate the pull of products from a warehouse connected through BaseLinker Connect?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to periodically download products to the BaseLinker catalog.

Is there an option to map order statuses?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to map order statuses.

Are the additional fields and/or notes in the transferred order visible to the wholesaler?

Yes, Additional Field 1, Additional Field 2 and Notes are submitted with the order.

Does the wholesaler that receives the orders see which vendor the order came from?

The source of the order will be the BaseLinker Connect integration, so you should add a separate integration for each partner and the token of this integration should be shared with only one user.

Can we share products from two or more catalogs?

Yes, but to do so you will need to add a separate integration for each warehouse. 

Can you choose which products from the catalog to share with partners?

Unfortunately, no. All products from the selected catalog will be available.

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