Do you have your own BigCommerce online store and want to list your products on MediaMarktSaturn ? BaseLinker can help by seamlessly integrating both channels into one system. This integration allows you to quickly list and sync product offers from your store's warehouse to the marketplace, as well as retrieve MediaMarktSaturn orders to your BaseLinker panel (and subsequently send them to BigCommerce).

You have the flexibility to choose whether to manage orders from the marketplace and your store in BaseLinker's Manager or in BigCommerce panel. Consider starting with complete sales management in the BaseLinker system, as it allows easy integration of additional marketplace accounts and store platforms as your business expands. The system streamlines order processing with innovative tools like the Packing Assistant and automated actions.

Explore the added benefits of MediaMarktSaturn integration with BigCommerce through BaseLinker.

  • seamless stock synchronization between your store and the marketplace.
  • automatic offer ending when a product is out of stock in your store's warehouse, with automatic relisting upon replenishment.
  • automatic price synchronization between the marketplace and the store, with the option to configure custom pricing rules.
  • streamlined order forwarding from MediaMarktSaturn to BigCommerce giving you the choice to manage orders in your store or process them all in BaseLinker.

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