Automatic translations thanks to the DeepL integration


To enable our customers to quickly translate product information into foreign languages, we have added a DeepL integration. The plug-in supports 26 languages and enables automatic translation of information about cataloged products and data during listing. Translations are added automatically in the BaseLinker panel without the need to use an external service.

This will significantly speed up the work of those who sell on foreign marketplaces or are thinking about expansion. It’s also a great convenience for e-shops selling abroad – as the integration will reduce the time spent on preparing product descriptions suitable for a given market.

DeepL is currently considered as one of the best automatic translators in the world, ranked #1 in many tests, above Google Translate. Translations prepared by this artificial intelligence system are often indistinguishable from text written by a human translator. The level of translations is so high that translated texts should be accepted by any marketplace without any manual corrections.

How to use automatic translations in the BaseLinker panel?

  1. Translation of the Descriptions and Parameters sections on the product card in the BaseLinker inventory.
  2. Translation of language resources during listing.
[Product translation: PL to EN]

In both cases, using the translations is very simple – just click the icon representing the globe and select the language of interest, and the text in the new language will automatically appear in the appropriate field.

On the product card, there is an option to translate all descriptions / parameters from a given language (using the globe button highlighted in the screenshot). You can also translate a specific description / name / parameter with the globe button next to the variable.

To have access to more language options, add them in Products SettingsInventories. Select Edit, then add a language from the drop-down list in the Available languages field.

Users can choose from two plans offered by DeepL:

  • DeepL API Free – a free service with access to all features, with which you can translate up to 500,000 characters per month.
  • DeepL API Pro – includes unlimited translations (billed per number of characters), advanced data security and the ability to keep an eye on expenses using the monthly cost control feature.

In order to use automatic translations, simply register at DeepL and then connect the module in the BaseLinker panel under Integrations OtherDeepL.

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