BaseLinker Connect – transfer data between BaseLinker accounts


We are pleased to announce an important new addition to our list of integrations – we have developed an integration between BaseLinker and… BaseLinker.

The main goal of BaseLinker Connect is to facilitate cooperation between different BaseLinker users. Our aim is to support and automate not only the activities of a single seller, but also the entire e-commerce ecosystem.

The integration enables data exchange between an unlimited number of BaseLinker users. It enables the transfer of orders and shipments as well as sharing of product data from a specific BaseLinker catalog with other sellers.

BaseLinker Connect integration

Application 1: Cooperation with a wholesaler

  • If you provide wholesaling to other sellers, they can easily create orders for your stock and send the completed order to you.
  • If you buy from a wholesaler that also uses BaseLinker, you can more easily browse products and place orders.

Application 2: Dropshipping

  • Perhaps you’ve thought about offering your stock as dropshipping to a few selected partners? Now you can do it – you just need them to use BaseLinker too, and you don’t need any additional software.
  • If you already offer dropshipping to other sellers, they can easily create orders for your stock and send you the completed orders. The tracking number created by you will also appear in the original order.
  • If you work with a dropshipping wholesaler that also uses BaseLinker, you can more easily browse products and place orders.

Application 3: Fulfillment

  • Do you have free storage space and would like to offer a storage service to several interested companies? All you need is for them to also use BaseLinker. You don’t need additional software to provide fulfillment at any scale!
  • Are you a fulfillment provider? You can greatly improve the process of exchanging information with your customers. You will connect stocks, receive orders automatically, and return tracking numbers to the customer.
  • Do you use fulfillment? If your service provider also uses BaseLinker, you can fully automate the exchange of product and order information.

Application 4: Other

Vendors can collaborate with each other in many ways. We believe you will surprise us with creative uses of the BaseLinker Connect module 🙂 Think about what kind of cooperation will be facilitated by the off-the-shelf exchange of product, order and shipment information.

Development and additional improvements

We have ambitious plans for BaseLinker Connect. While we present the first version of this integration, we are very much looking forward to suggestions from the community. Based on the submitted comments, we will further develop this integration in a way that will best address your needs. A number of smaller improvements were already made during the user testing phase.

One of them, which is particularly noteworthy, is the function for creating a grouped technical order, resulting in the ability to easily issue one collective invoice to multiple orders. The function was created mainly for the needs of dropshipping wholesalers, so as to facilitate settlement with a partner through one collective invoice to several orders. It can also find applications in other cases.

This option is available under the button: OrdersOrder ListMerge Orders. In addition to the previously known option Combine orders to one master order, which has remained unchanged, we have added the option to create a technical order that does not affect inventory, and the process of merging orders does not delete the merged orders. This makes it easy to issue a summary invoice and at the same time leaves completed orders unchanged.

Technical order in BaseLinker

How to use BaseLinker Connect?

The BaseLinker Connect module is available in the BaseLinker panel under Integrations Other. It is visible on accounts that use BaseLinker’s new storage – Product Manager.

BaseLinker Connect

The exchange of information between accounts is possible thanks to an individual connection code – this code should be exchanged with another user. When generating a new code, you need to specify whether the connection should enable retrieving orders from other account or/and sharing product info.

BaseLinker Connect integration is available to users of our system as part of a subscription, at no extra charge.

We encourage you to test and check in practice the possibilities offered by BaseLinker Connect. 🙂

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