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Are you leveraging the maximum potential of the BaseLinker system in your e-commerce business? It’s time to discover the advanced capabilities your everyday tool offers. Now, you can immerse yourself in the complete course on our website and even earn an official certificate upon completion

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“BaseLinker for Advanced Users” is not just a course; it’s a comprehensive knowledge compendium. It’s designed to help you fully understand and tailor the BaseLinker panel settings to your unique business vision and sales models.

Previously available in chapter formats on YouTube, the full course is now available on our website, offering a more structured and comprehensive learning journey. What’s more, if you complete the course via our website, you’ll earn official certification, which you can share on your professional profiles.

A Deep Dive into Advanced E-commerce Management with BaseLinker Academy

The course offers instructional videos, supplementary materials, and quizzes, ensuring a robust learning experience. You’ll learn how to configure key integrations – including courier, accounting, various sales platforms, as well as with wholesalers and printers. The training consists of 9 in-depth sections, each meticulously designed to guide you through the world of comprehensive online sales management.

What Will You Learn in the “BaseLinker for Advanced Users” Course?

  • Enhance company security: Learn to configure profiles and employee permissions correctly.
  • Create comprehensive Automatic Actions: Streamline order processing, reduce manual errors, and speed up package delivery.
  • Improve customer experience: Set up personalized information pages and email/SMS templates.
  • Optimise product management: Achieve better inventory control and more effective planning.
  • Effectively list offers across various channels: Learn how to effectively distribute your offers across various channels to enhance sales performance.

If you’re looking for specific, practical tips to harness the full potential of BaseLinker you’ve found the perfect starting point! Start your free advanced course at BaseLinker Academy today and elevate your e-commerce management to a new level!

Embrace this opportunity to refine your skills and elevate your e-commerce business. Sign up for the “BaseLinker for Advanced Users” course now and take a significant step towards mastering your e-commerce operations! 🌟

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BaseLinker is a software designed to integrate popular marketplaces, store platforms, carriers and useful e-commerce tools in one friendly panel. Try bulk listing, order management and process automation functions to save time and money. BaseLinker will automatically change order statuses, send customer messages, issue invoices, create shipments and print documents. Test all system integrations and functions during a 14-day free trial.

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