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Our list of integrations has been expanded with a convenient application for sellers using Gmail mailbox. BaseLinker for Gmail is a free add-on that shows customer orders linked with a given email address directly in the inbox view. It also allows you to go to the correct order tab in BaseLinker with only one click.

The add-on is embedded in the Gmail interface and acts as an official Gmail extension. Can be used both on a computer and on a mobile phone.

BaseLinker for Gmail is a significant improvement for merchants:

  • saves time, which was spent on switching between messages from customers and orders
  • reduces the need to search the order database – the list of orders for a given client is available directly in the Gmail inbox view
  • shortens the time of response, which leads to positive transaction reviews

The extension allows you to quickly create a new order for a given email address, directly from Gmail.

All BaseLinker clients can use the Gmail integration free of charge, as part of their subscription.

You can activate the addon in the Integrations section (Gmail is in the Other integrations section). Installation is very easy, just a few clicks – step by step instructions are available in Help.

We encourage you to check out the possibilities of the new integration 🙂

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BaseLinker is a software designed to integrate popular marketplaces, store platforms, carriers and useful e-commerce tools in one friendly panel. Try bulk listing, order management and process automation functions to save time and money. BaseLinker will automatically change order statuses, send customer messages, issue invoices, create shipments and print documents. Test all system integrations and functions during a 14-day free trial.

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