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I marketplace is one of the largest and fastest growing sales websites in Germany (monthly online traffic of about 32 million users). It is part of the Kaufland brand, including a network of stationary stores in 8 countries. marketplace can be an appealing sales channel for users of our system who are considering expansion into the German market. Listing offers and managing orders will be facilitated by two-way integration, available in our panel. 

BaseLinker integration with provides a number of benefits for retailers:

  • fast offers listing in the marketplace based on products from the warehouse,
  • synchronizing quantities and prices on in accordance to data in your warehouse,
  • downloading orders from to BaseLinker panel in order to automate their processing,
  • forwarding orders to online store,
  • automatic transfer of order status from our system to,
  • forwarding shipping numbers to from BaseLinker panel,
  • forwarding invoices from our system to the marketplace.

Integration with Kaufland can make it easier to get a start on this sales platform – we encourage you to try out its possibilities. & BaseLinker integration

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BaseLinker is a software designed to integrate popular marketplaces, store platforms, carriers and useful e-commerce tools in one friendly panel. Try bulk listing, order management and process automation functions to save time and money. BaseLinker will automatically change order statuses, send customer messages, issue invoices, create shipments and print documents. Test all system integrations and functions during a 14-day free trial.

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