Integrations with further Mall markets and Mall Delivery now available


We recently informed on the blog about the integration with, which is one of the key marketplaces on the Czech market. The list of integrations has now been extended by Slovakia’s, Hungary’s and Poland’s which, like the Czech version, work in two directions. This means that the new integrations simplify both the simultaneous listing of multiple offers from the BaseLinker panel and the management of orders which will be downloaded to our system from a given version of Mall Marketplace.

Bulk listing of offers

During the listing process, it is possible to use a warehouse connected to our system, e.g. a shop or a wholesaler, as well as BaseLinker’s warehouse. New integrations make it possible to create variant offers. Thanks to synchronisation modules, offers are always up-to-date with stock levels and prices. If you already sell on a particular Mall market, you can import existing offers from the marketplace to our system.

Faster order processing

The integration significantly speeds up order handling from, and It automates downloading orders from marketplace directly to BaseLinker panel. New orders are downloaded every 10 minutes. There is a possibility of forwarding them further to the store. Thanks to integration, it is possible to connect order statuses on the line BaseLinker → Mall (any status change in BaseLinker will also change the order status in the service) and also automatic transfer of a tracking number to the marketplace when a shipment is sent in our system.

BaseLinker – Mall Delivery integration

For sellers with warehouses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Mall Group offers Mall Delivery, a service that allows them to send parcels for orders coming from Mall using the carriers offered by the marketplace.

Companies interested in using this service are invited to try our integration with Mall Delivery which is a separate position in our list under IntegrationsCouriers. Among other things, the integration allows you to quickly send parcels, create labels for couriers that work with Mall, and track your shipments.

We hope that the integrations created by us will greatly support the development of your businesses in new markets. We are open for suggestions of further modules, which are important for you in terms of foreign expansion 🙂

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