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Do you want to manage all your customer messages in one panel? Thanks to BaseLinker’s integration with Responso, it is now possible! Responso is a customer service tool for e-commerce. This software allows you to manage messages from buyers from multiple sources – popular marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Shopee, messengers like Facebook Messenger, and mailboxes like Gmail.

Integration with Amazon

Do you sell on Amazon? That’s great because Responso is integrated with Amazon. This means you do not have to log into this marketplace anymore to respond to buyers’ messages. You can answer urgent questions from customers about size, price or delivery date conveniently in Responso. You can also set up automatic replies to messages, and be in constant contact with your customers. It is also a good idea to use ready-made reply templates to speed up your contact with the buyer. Remember that Responso can also service customers from many countries in their native languages.

BaseLinker and Responso integration

Thanks to Responso’s integration with BaseLinker, when responding to customer requests in the correspondence window, you get an immediate view of the order data, while all messages relating to a specific order appear in the BaseLinker panel.

What functions does the Responso system offer sellers?
  • An autoresponder that allows you to send personalised automatic replies to customers.
  • The ability to handle customer requests from multiple sources in one panel.
  • Defining your own quick response templates.
  • Organising messages according to the status of the request or through your own predefined filters.
  • Verification of current statistics and reports on, for example, agent performance.
  • Feedback management from within the application.

BaseLinker integration with Responso is available in the BaseLinker panel under Integrations Other.

Do you want to learn more about Responso? Watch the video and test Responso for 14 days for free!

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