Yodel – a new shipping integration for the UK market


An integration with the British company Yodel has joined the ranks of shipping integrations in the BaseLinker panel. It is one of the largest courier service companies in the UK.

The integration was created to make it easier to manage the order shipping process for BaseLinker’s customers who conduct their business in the British Isles. Among other things, it allows Yodel shipments to be quickly shipped directly from the BaseLinker Order Manager.

Explore the possibilities of integration with Yodel:

  • Quickly send shipments according to your preferences: individually, in bulk from the order list or with automatic actions,
  • Automatic generation and printing of shipping labels (individually and in bulk),
  • Automatic transfer of shipment number to marketplace and/or online store,
  • Forwarding the shipment number to the customer with a link to track the order,
  • Seamless shipping log book generation,
  • Ability to perform automatic actions depending on the status of the shipment (e.g., sending a thank you email to the customer upon receipt of the package).

BaseLinker integration with Yodel is now available in the BaseLinker dashboard under Integrations → Couriers.

We encourage you to test the possibilities of BaseLinker x Yodel integration in practice.

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