BaseLinker is designed for retailers wishing to expand their cross-channel sales. Whether you list offers on Bunnings, B&Q or another marketplace, you can manage all your orders in one user-friendly panel. Additionally, you can connect several accounts of each marketplace and escape logging in to each account separately. If you also run a shop or accept phone and personal orders, all the more you will find BaseLinker a solution for you.

Enable downloading orders from Bunnings and B&Q to the BaseLinker Order Manager, an advanced tool to handle sales from multiple sources. You will be able to use the help of the Pick&Pack Assistant, which speeds up the process of shipment preparation and notifies about possible packing errors. Finally, it will take a picture of the collected products so that you can pleasantly surprise the customer (or have the evidence in case of a possible dispute)

BaseLinker Order Manager offers also:

  • creating any number of statuses and organizing the Bunnings and B&Q order list
  • carrying out correspondence with customers by e-mail or SMS (possibility of automatic notifications to hundreds of customers simultaneously)
  • automatic generation of invoices and receipts
  • fast shipment creation with various carriers

Choose whether to operate on a single order or on multiple orders at once. BaseLinker focuses on automation and gives you the tools to help the seller - the automatic action module can perform these actions for you.

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