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Managing your shipment costs just got easier! A new feature within the Royal Mail’s integration in BaseLinker system gives a streamlined view of shipment weights, steering you clear of extra charges.

Rather than charging for each individual shipment based on its exact weight, Royal Mail calculates the average weight of all shipments in a single manifest. This average weight then becomes the benchmark for the pricing rate, which remains the same across all the shipments under that manifest.

With the latest update, BaseLinker users can keep tabs on their shipments. How does it work?

In the integration settings, head over to the Created packages section. Here, you can see a comprehensive list of shipments, with the weight clearly displayed for each created waybill. Once you select the shipments for which you want to generate a manifest, you will see:

  • Number of shipments selected
  • Total weight of those shipments
  • Average weight per shipment

For maximum cost-efficiency, it’s recommended to select shipments with similar weights when generating a manifest. This way, all the shipments will fall within specific weight ranges, helping you avoid any unexpected additional costs.

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