Mass product editing in the sheet (excel-like)


Upon receiving numerous user suggestions, we have rolled out a new feature for product editing. An ‘Editing products in the sheet’ functionality has been added to our current bulk operations. This allows you to conveniently tailor the spreadsheet’s look to your specific needs and make changes to selected data.

Typically, products are edited in bulk by exporting them to a CSV file, altering the selected values, and then importing the file back. While this approach is efficient, as it permits quick editing of multiple items while displaying many products simultaneously, we aim to streamline this process. We want to make this process easier so that it can be carried out (in some cases) directly in the system. We’ve introduced a new bulk editor that allows you to change the data in the sheet, without having to export the file.

How to use it?

Choose the fields you wish to modify, and our system will create a spreadsheet based on them. The row fields are editable – simply make a change, save, and you’re done!

Where can you find this new feature?

Navigate through: Side menu → Products → Product List → Operations → Edit Products in Spreadsheet.

We’re planning to extend the functionality within spreadsheets further, including the possibility to perform operations on multiple rows or even an entire column simultaneously. We’re eager to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement of this feature.

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