BaseLinker Changelog – October 2023


BaseLinker is being extended with new modules, features and options every day. Below is a list of the modifications made in October. The most important updates are described in separate blog posts as they are implemented.

Product Manager and Order Manager

[Automatic Actions] Added “No matching box” condition
[Automatic Actions] Added “State” condition
[Marketplaces] Downloading orders optimisation
[Marketplaces] Fix displaying currency in listing form
[Marketplaces] Fix displaying favourite category paths
[Order card] Increasing additional fields number to 20
[PickPack Assistent] Added new trigger “Order packing started”
[PickPack Assistent] Added the feature to search by Allegro One and Allegro International shipment numbers
[Printouts] Added new section “Packing history” and new tags
[Product catalog] Support for products quick search by SKU
[RMA System] Added new Automatic Actions condition – return parcel status
[RMA System] Support for top bar search
[Shipments] Added a note next to the shipments pricing with information that this is an estimated amount
[Shipments] Removed the red color from the “Delete shipments” button + change the message after clicking to indicate selected shipments instead of all shipments
[System] Dark theme

Integrations – Marketplace

[Allegro] Fixing translation errors in auction templates
[] Saving ‘barrio’ and ‘complemento’ address information in orders
[Amazon] Added information about the date and return center in the tag list
[Amazon] Corrections for the new Far East region
[Amazon] Corrections in buyer’s order cancellation request
[Amazon] New field in integration settings (order section) – total discounts recorded in an additional field
[Amazon] Repricing (tests)
[Amazon] Retrieving orders with a later fulfillment date
[Americanas] Addition of promotional price handling in offers
[ApteGo] New integration
[BackMarket] Block sending package numbers if order is entered manually
[BackMarket] Fixed display of thumbnails in orders
[BlackRedWhite] Reading delivery point information
[Casas Bahia] Fixes for token refresh and account reactivation issues (BR)
[Casas Bahia] Skipping completed orders during order import
[Casas Bahias] Addition of delivery cost (order view)
[Cdiscount] Fixed price/status update (reading price/status directly from the marketplace)
[Cdiscount] Fixed reading of canceled order
[Cdiscount] Fixed reading of courier list
[Conrad] New sales channels:,,
[Conrad] Support for additional fields in the listing form (reversecharge)
[Decathlon] Category names are now in the original language for the sales channel
[Decathlon] Fixed category name display in the product associations module
[Decathlon] Fixed flag display in the listing form
[Decathlon] Fixed translation of values for parameter mapping
[Decathlon] New sales channels:,,,,,,,,,,,,
[Douglas] Fixed price for TAX_EXCLUDED option in orders
[Ebay] Added a link to the offer during export
[Ebay] Added the option to return a city without a province/state.
[Ebay] Fix in calculating listing fee
[Ebay] Fixed the saved name of favorite categories and their display
[Emag] Fixed display of error messages
[Emag] Fixed reading of SKU in orders
[Emag] Fixed reading of delivery price
[Emag] Fixed reading of payment for orders
[Emag] Fixed reading of product reservations in orders (quantity=0)
[Emag] Fixed retrieval of discount coupons
[Emag] Fixed sending invoice to marketplace
[Emag] Fixed translation of fields in the listing form
[Emag] Ignoring “end of life” status during price/status synchronization
[Emag] Optimization of order retrieval
[Emag] Translation of categories into English and Polish
[Empik] Fixed retrieving new orders
[Erli] Ability to quickly edit offer price
[Etsy] Blocking the sending of parcel numbers if the order is entered manually
[Etsy] Fixed retrieval of tax rates for discount coupons
[FNAC] Disabling of the category module (no support in the marketplace)
[Hebe] Fixed connection issues
[Home&You] Fixed uploading photos of offers
[Hood] Fixed retrieval of offers (incorrect server response)
[Hood] New order statuses, mappable
[Hood] Retrieved payment methods in orders
[Kaufland and Erli] Expansion and initial tests of the new version of automatic offer listing
[Kaufland] Added the possibility of listing with productization
[Kaufland] Fixed retrieval of courier name for the delivery point
[Kaufland] Ignoring errors during order retrieval (Incorrect server errors)
[Kaufland] Improved marking of order packages as sent
[Kaufland] Translation of categories into English and Polish
[Leclerc] Improved product reference in the listing form
[LeroyMerlin] New sales channels: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy
[Machineportal] New integration
[Magalu] Fixes for token refresh and account reactivation issues (BR)
[MaisonsDuMonde] Fixed reading of country code in orders
[MaisonsDuMonde] New sales channels: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal
[Mall] Optimization in the number of queries during order retrieval
[Marketplace] Fix displaying currency in listing form
[Marketplace] Fix displaying favourite category paths
[MediaMarkt] New sales channels: Austria, Germany, Spain and
[MeliBR] Added attributes to products on the order card
[MeliBR] Grouping orders by “pack id”
[MeliBR] Improvement in offer import
[MeliBR] Marking cancelled orders
[MeliBR] Option to skip orders and fulfillment offers
[Meli] Fixes for token refresh and account reactivation issues (BR)
[Mirakl] Fixed displaying sales channel information in integration settings
[Mirakl] Fixed translating parameter values for sales channels
[Mirakl] New integration Bunnings
[Mirakl] New integration Obelink
[Mirakl] New integration XXXLutz
[Mirakl] Price synchronization now includes promotional price
[Modivo] Fixed display of available courier names
[Modivo] Search integration by the name “e-obuwie”
[Modivo] Support for description field in the listing form
[NP Shopping] New integration
[OLX] Fixed display of error messages
[Obelink] New sales channels:,,
[Otto] Individual parameters for the brand field (retrieved from
[Pigu Hobbyhall Group] Marking retrieved orders as canceled
[Pigu Hobbyhall Group] Offer import
[Pigu Hobbyhall Group] Price/status synchronization
[ReCar] New integration
[Shein] Improvement in order retrieval
[Shopee] New field in integration settings (order section) – total discounts recorded in an additional field
[Shopee] Optimization of order retrieval (BR)
[Skroutz] Fixed translation of category names
[Sprinter] New sales channels: Spain, Portugal
[Tradeinn] New sales channels: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal
[VenteUnique] New sales channels:,,,,,,,,,,
[Worten] New sales channels: Spain, Portugal

Integrations – Accounting

[ABRA] New option “Warehouse ID”
[Bulkgate] New option added – sender type + duplicates check
[Fakturoid] New option added “variabilní symbol”
[Firmao] Added option to select domain
[Freshbooks] New integration
[Oblio] New option added “Update products data”
[Smartbill] Support for new fields: “issuerName”, “issuerCnp”, “delegateName”
[VIES] Verifying EU VAT numbers in the VIES database – AA condition EU VAT status (VIES); Verifying polish VAT numbers – AA condition VAT PL status list of taxpayers
[Xero] Option to mark invoices as paid
[Zoho Books] New option added “Warehouse ID”
[iDoklad] Support for invoice correction
[wFirma] New option added “Invoice – Forward without stock effect”
[wFirma] Added the option to select a warehouse and price group from a list, instead of entering the ID

Integrations – Couriers

[Allegro] Change of the DHL status mapping “The shipment will be directed for personal collection at the DHL POP Point” from “in transit” to “pending”
[Ambro] Added new additional service “Lifting the shipment down at the sender”
[Apaczka] Added new package type (quarter pallet)
[Cargus] Added new “Economic Standard M Plus” service
[DHL Express] Improvement in the deletion of shipments (cancellation of pickups for selected shipments).
[] Fixed issues in manifest retrieval
[DPD RO] Added an option to overwrite DPD RO package numbers with numbers from target regions, e.g., DPD PL
[Deligoo] Fixed to save the date when a particular status is set by the carrier
[Emag] Added display of error messages returned from eMag
[Fedex] Fixed to save the date when a particular status is set by the carrier
[Furgonetka] Enforcing the completion of the insurance value for FedEx couriers
[GLS] Added a transliteration option, converting characters from various formats to Latin characters
[Geis] Fix to solve the problem of downloading protocols from the order card level
[Olzalogistics] Fixed to record the date when a particular status is set by the carrier
[Paczkomaty/Inpost Courier] Improved content description generation
[Parcel 2 Go] Updated list of parcel tracking statuses
[Pigu] Added courier integration with the marketplace, including tracking feature
[Raben] Ability to print multiple labels simultaneously
[Raben] Addition of new types of shipments (Bundle and Roll)
[Royal Mail] Improvements in generating and displaying manifests
[Sameday] Enabled currency specification for international shipments
[Sameday] Addition of the ability to modify the reference number when manually creating a shipment
[Spring] Tracking depending on the recipient’s country
[Whistl] Improvement in label generation
[Wysyłam z Allegro] Implemented weight rounding to the nearest whole number for all DHL services

Integrations – Online shops

[Ecwid] New advanced setting defining whether additional fees are added to shipping costs or as an order item
[Ecwid] Improved retrieval of EAN codes for product variants
[IdoSell] Ability to specify more than one country in the courier_country parameter
[Magento] Addresses retrieved from Magento now also include state/province/region
[MerchantPro] Retrieval of images for product variants
[NuvemStop] Adding products and categories to the store
[ShopGold] Synchronization of pickup point to the store
[Shopify] Support for several new pickup point plugins for: ‘Slovenská pošta – Balíkobox’, ‘EasyBox Point’
[ShoptetXml] Support for new pickup point plugin for: ‘Zásilkovna Z point’
[SoteShop] Reading data from the latest version of the parcel locker plugin
[Upgates] New advanced setting enabling retrieval of manufacturer’s code to product parameters
[WooCommerce] Synchronization of payment ID

Integrations – Wholesalers

[Bakalu] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Cedar] New integration
[Deante] New integration
[Do-smartfona] New integration
[] New integration
[Hurtmeblowy] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[] New integration
[Martom] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Millano] New integration
[NaSyre] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Royal computer] New integration

Knowledge Base

[New article] Returns
[New article] Mass editing of products in a sheet
[New article] Trendyol
[Article update] Skroutz

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