Faster management of email correspondence thanks to Freshdesk – BaseLinker integration


We always try to make sure that our list of integrations meets the needs of users as well as e-commerce trends. That’s why Freshdesk has been included in our integrations, as it had kept appearing more and more frequently in BaseLinker user suggestions.

Freshdesk is an email ticketing system which allows consultants to efficiently manage their correspondence with customers. It allows you e.g. to sort and mark messages, consult them with the team or prioritize tickets.

How does the Freshdesk integration we have prepared function?

It simplifies the work of our users who manage their customer correspondence via Freshdesk 🙂

The extension we have created automatically searches for orders linked to the email address of the sender of a message. In Freshdesk, next to the message content, there is an additional side panel presented, which displays the orders of a given customer. A click on the order number will take the user directly to the order card in BaseLinker panel.

With management of multiple orders a day, this will allow you to save significant amount of time, as it reduces the need to switch between the systems and to search for the orders manually.

It also allows you to quickly check the status or order date, as this information already is displayed as part of the Freshdesk extension. A shorter response time may positively affect your customer feedback.

Creating a new order

Another benefit for the sellers is the possibility to create a new order for a given customer directly from the Freshdesk extension, e.g. just after encountering such a request in a ticket.

The usage of Freshdesk extension is free, and there is no limit for the serviced messages.
The integration simply needs to be activated in the BaseLinker panel. The installation manual is available under: IntegrationsFreshdesk.
We have also included some helpful tips in the article: Freshdesk.

Please feel free to try out this new integration 🙂

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