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Efficiency and smooth logistics play a critical role in ensuring businesses thrive. Recognizing this, BaseLinker is thrilled to introduce our latest integration with InPost UK.

InPost UK offers innovative parcel locker solutions, allowing customers to send, receive, and return parcels at their convenience. With its vast network of automated lockers strategically placed in various locations across the UK, it’s revolutionized the way packages are delivered and received, offering unprecedented flexibility for both senders and recipients.

Integrating InPost UK with BaseLinker promises to simplify your order dispatch process profoundly. With the ability to connect several carriers and multiple sales channels, businesses can now manage them all using BaseLinker’s intuitive interface. 

Key features of BaseLinker x InPost integration include 

Printing shipping labels: Whether you want to print labels individually, in bulk, or even automatically, the system takes care of it seamlessly. You can generate a shipping manifest as well.

Real-time tracking: With integration utilizing the InPost (UK) API, the shipping number and  shipment tracking link is immediately available in the system. This ensures that it can be promptly forwarded not only to the marketplace and your online store only, but to the customer as well. 

Automatic actions: The integration empowers you to set up automatic actions based on shipment status. For instance, you can automate emails to customers upon package delivery, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the process.

Versatile Account Integration: For businesses operating on multiple fronts, BaseLinker offers the flexibility of integrating an unlimited number of InPost (UK) accounts. This means you can connect the same account multiple times, allowing for variations such as different sender addresses.

BaseLinker’s integration with InPost (UK) is a game-changer for online retailers seeking to enhance their order dispatch process. By leveraging the power of InPost’s convenient parcel lockers and BaseLinker’s robust Order Manager, businesses can streamline their shipping operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and focus on what truly matters – growth.

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